McKinley Lego Roboitcs Club

Have you heard the buzz around McKinley….oh yes, the robots are coming!

A group of interested parents has gotten together to figure out how to bring a Lego robotics program to McKinley.

First we reviewed our objectives. Here’s what parents want:

  • Allow as many students to participate as possible
  • Allocate lots of time for children to build and program the robots
  • Allow all ages to build and program the robots
  • Opportunity for kids to learn programming, problem solving and teamwork
  • Foster a comfort level with technology and spark interest —especially for girls.
  • To provide a Lego Robotics team experience for McKinley students that promotes teambuilding and positive relationships as well as academic skills.
  • Experience on a team
  • Encouragement to think creatively
  • Hands on learning
  • Opportunity to apply knowledge
  • To spark excitement about robotics and engineering.
  • Make sure students get excited about science and technology
  • Internal competitions
  • Focus on programming and interfacing with robotic technology
  • Focus on human activity support — disability/human limitation reduction and real-world applications
  • Provide a fun learning opportunity for all interested kids.

Then we reviewed our options and agreed to pilot a Spring McKinley Robotics Club allowing one child per classroom to participate in a twice a week, 1-hour session for 3-4 weeks. With more funding we can include more children. As a PTC, we hope to purchase at least two robots with software and have two groups learning together. We’d need at least one more parent volunteer and could incorporate more teams with additional volunteers and funding. The cost for two teams would be $663.45, however with more funding we get, the more robots we can purchase and the children can participate. If there was continued interest, then in the Fall of 2012 we could register a McKinley team and compete outside of the school in the tournaments. After the pilot we will reassess and see if parents and children would like to register.

Here’s the timeline:

  • April 2nd info sheets sent home Download here: Lego Robotics Club Application3
  • April 6, 6:45pm, Auction and Lego Robot demonstration, many thanks to Nitin Joshi and his family for providing the robot, manning the table and setting up the demonstration!
  • April 18th applications due
  • Wednesday, April 18th 6:00pm, Lego Robotics Club Parents (Us) meet to discuss applications and pick teams
  • Mid May: Start Spring session
  • June: Conclude spring session (possible event?) and assess need to join tournament
  • Summer: Possible Lego Robotics workshop

John McElravy is trying his hardest to secure laptops and have them donated them to the program. He is also working on getting a Kickstarter to fund the club.

There are plenty of opportunities for you to be involved and help shape the program, so please don’t hesitate to contact me! Jessica Ramey,


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